Online Roulette 

There are many early documents showing Roulette appeared in the 17th century from a wheel of a French physicist named Pascal, initially his intention to invent a permanent motion machine but then failed lose. By the late 1800s with the change of the French brothers Louis and Francois Blanc it became the most popular betting game to this day not only on land but also online. Online investors realized the potential of this game so they invested heavily and the online version of Roulette gradually occupied the betting market.


The Wheel

Roulette wheel has 3 main variants: French, American and European. In which the French and European variants are almost the same because on the wheel is added a zero-blue bag, the rest are in black and red bags. Thus in the French and European variants there are a total of 37 number pockets. Until it was introduced to the United States, Roulette here was equipped with a bag with two zeroes (38 numbers), which gave the house in the US a chance to win as high as 5.6%, while in Those two variants have only 2.7% chance of winning.

The administrator will drop the ball against the wheel. When the wheel stops the ball in any pocket, it is the winning number. Players are allowed to bet on numbers based on different bets, and can only bet before the wheel is about to stop. The payout for the right number depends on how the player bet.check out site ty le bong da bet69

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Payout Ratio

There are different payouts, depending on each variation as well as the player's odds on the system in which they participate:

Place bets and payouts:

A number of 35: 1

Interact between two numbers 17: 1

Road (three horizontal numbers) 11: 1

8: 1 angle

Lines (two rows with six numbers) 5: 1

Column 2: 1

Dozen 2: 1

Even or odd 1: 1


Roulette Strategies

It is difficult for the player to defeat Roulette because this is a high-risk game and is not affected by the previous round or the pitcher or anything. Even so, there are still Roulette trips that give players reference to be able to win Roulette.

If you want to learn more about Roulette's rules, betting and other tactics, consult the online websites of the agencies mentioned above. There, players can ask questions about the game, interact with other players online, discuss, share experiences, and tips on playing. Check out site Roulette-Tournaments

Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular table games available today. And so, the online version of Roulette was born to meet the needs of the players. On online casinos, Roulette appears more and more popular like on-land casinos. golden dragon online fish table

The reason why Roulette became so popular is because in general the Roulette rules are very simple and beginner players can still understand and play well. Moreover, when playing Roulette, participants always feel nervous, especially when the ball is about to fall into the gear pocket when the wheel stops. Although many strategies and betting systems have been applied, this game is still very risky and cannot be calculated before playing. Perhaps the above two points have brought great attraction to players. The important thing when playing online Roulette is that players need to choose the right and suitable online casino to have the most wonderful experience and entertainment experience:

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